Tips For Food Label Design

Coming up with an idea for your food label design is fun, challenging, and definitely a project that takes some background research and innovation. Your label is responsible for conveying the message your company and the product wants to convey. It is meant to captivate the audience you are trying to attract and make them choose your product over the next.

Food Label Design Essentials

Food label design is different than other product label design in that they convey so much more. They convey freshness, quality, and flavor. They also convey cuisine, such as red, white, and green for Italian. There are a couple things you need to keep in mind when creating your label to make sure your product makes the transition from the shelf to your customer’s shopping basket. Here are some tips.

  • Focus on the important points people want to know: Ingredients and benefits. Consumers want to know, for the most part, what they are eating, and how it will help them thrive. When making your label, make sure that this information stands out.
  • Know your customer! If your item is a value item, you want to choose designs that convey value. If it’s a high-end item, on the other hand, you want to convey luxury. A fun idea is to capture your typical audience on the label, such as a picture of a cowboy on beef jerky australia.
  • Do research on your competition. Know what they are conveying on their labels. Study them. Figure out how you will differentiate yourself from them. Again, it is all about making your product stand out and be THE ONE that gets chosen. If needed, poll your audience. This can be done via email, website, or simply asking them when you can. Find out what are the top three things they are looking for and make sure that is what is being shown on your label.
  • Your food sells itself – so show it! Use product casing and labeling that you can see through so that customers can see the quality and freshness for themselves.
  • Include recipes! People like easy things, and including a recipe for an easy dinner right on the label is a great way to get people to pick up your product over the competition.

Expand on Your Food Label Design Elsewhere

A dilemma that many product marketers face is wanting to convey more than they can on a tiny label. This can be solved by either pointing them to your website, or creating a fold-out label so that they can read more about it once they get home.

Remember, the label’s goal is to rope in the consumer and incentivize them to buy. After they have made the initial purchase, you can make them brand loyal through a quality product, and provides the information they are looking for in the right places.


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