Food Package Label Design Trends

With so many products on the market, it is important to have your brand stand out among the crowd to customers. Attracting buyers should be your main concern as a distributor.The packaging and labeling of your product represents you and your company, so it is of the utmost importance. Researching current food package label design trends may help give your product the consumer boost that it needs.

Going Green:

Materials that are friendly to the environment may attract customers. People are becoming more aware of the state of our planet daily. This is causing a new trend as consumers that want to buy products based on how they affect the ecosystem. Choosing Eco Friendly Packaging, like the solutions offered by Nature Pac in New Zealnad, to package your products with will portray your company to customers as one who cares about the environment here on Earth.

Making a Statement with your Package Label Design:

Bold and tastefully designed labels can get your product noticed on the shelves right away. Being different from competitors makes your product more easily recognizable in stores. Do not shy away from your most intricate and colorful label design ideas, as they could benefit your business revenue in the long run.

Creating a Story Through your Product:

Telling a story through your label and product can help your business connect with customers on a more personal level. A story or history on your product will make your brand seem interesting. Companies have been playing on this trend for years. This technique is most popular with alcohol labels, but can be used on food packaging as well. If you have an idea to tell your label’s history on your product label, it also may be a good idea to go with a rustic look.

See-through Labels:

Transparent labels have become the biggest trend in 2016 label design. A big problem with food products today is that customers are unhappy after they have purchased and opened their items. People that have had experiences like this in the past may choose a product with a transparent label over one that does not. It could be a good idea to consider this when choosing the packaging and labeling for your product.

Why Look at Food Package Label DesignTrends?

Packing and labeling trends change with every year, along with your customer base. It is important to try to have your product engage with as many consumers as possible. An intriguing label or packaging design that fits with the current trend could boost product sales for your company. If you have any questions about labels for your brand or product, contact Blue Ribbon Tag and Label to get started today.



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