Tips for Creating Sauce Custom Product Labels

Sauces are vital when it comes to cooking food that is why it is very important that your label stands out when it comes to creating your custom labels. Customers take a label into consideration before purchasing any food, and sauces are no exception. Whatever sauce you create or manufacture; whether apple, tomato or barbecue, your custom product deserves the best in labeling. The perfect custom product labels will give your sauce the edge to stand out from others when your consumer is deciding which one to purchase.

Custom Product Labels with Materials that Stick

Sauces are usually sticky in substance, so choosing a material that won’t slip, tear, or make cleanup more difficult is imperative to the design and selection of your custom product labels. A polypropylene material, as opposed to a paper material, will give your product the ability to withstand sticky messes that your sauce will likely produce. Additionally, this material will allow for refrigeration storage, as it does not slip if it becomes damp. There is a wide range of materials to choose from for your custom product labels, just keep in mind the consistency of your sauce before making a selection.

The versatility of sauces has no limits since they can be tuned to fit a variety of different flavors and textures. If you produce and sell barbecue sauces, chances are you have multiple flavors and variations of spices. For these labels, stay with the same template with just a few changes in text and color to differentiate other flavors. This saves money by not having to create separate designs for different flavors. Of course, this only works if the product packaging stays the same in relation to size and shape.

Designing your Sauce Labels with Blue Ribbon

Our design team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation has been developing custom product labels for over 30 years for people in the food industry. If you are ready to develop custom product labels for your sauces, we would like to help you come up with the vision you have in mind. Our dedicated staff members will make sure that you get the quality, affordable, and beautiful label that your product deserves. Call us today to learn more about our services at (954) 922-9292.

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