Custom Business Labels to Attract Gender Specific Audiences

Are you developing a product that is geared to a specific gender? If you are, it may be in your best interest to play on this while deciding on your custom business labels. Targeting a specific audience can prove to be beneficial for your business since that audience will be more likely to purchase your product than another they do not identify with. Utilizing your custom business labels to directly aim for sales in specific genders may be something you want to consider when developing custom business labels.

Men are from Mars

Men and women seem to portray different shopping techniques. More commonly, men like to identify what they need and select a product that fits their expectation and move along. To address this group of men, your label should be effective at first glance. The product’s use and description should be easy to identify and read right away. Using bold colors and fonts provide a clear and cut image, which is attracting to male audiences. Additionally, implement something on the label that allows them to acknowledge why they need your product; i.e. how their lives will be benefited from purchasing your product. Men tend to be specific and to the point, so to catch their eye your custom business labels should do the same.

Women are from Venus

Trends in consumers show that packaging geared toward women is likely to boost product sales. Women are more apt to reading product packaging information than men, so listing product ingredients (if they aren’t required already) can be a great way to get people to buy your product. Consumers want to know what they are buying, and women are more likely to put down your product rather than buy if it does not provide the information they require. Additionally, implement something on your business labels that tells a story that your female consumers are likely to identify with. The more a consumer can identify with your product, the more likely they are to purchase it over a competitor’s.

Gender Neutral Custom Business Labels

For the product that is bought by both genders, it may be in your company’s best interest to create a standard, non-gender specific label. Many businesses opt to go this route so that no audience can be left out of their target consumer group. Although there is less a chance for these labels to identify with specific customers, many companies believe that this option is best. Whatever your opinion, make sure that you utilize your labels to identify the customer’s need for your product.

Ready to Design your Custom Business Labels?

Only the experts really know what works when it comes to targeting consumer audiences with custom business labels. So, why not let the experts handle the entire process? Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation has been designing and developing custom product labels for over 30 years. Whether you have a vision for design or are an artist yourself, we can help you at any stage of your label design process. We utilize methods of printing fit to your product’s lifespan and use so that you can be sure that your product is fit with the label that it requires. We know that you have shed your blood, sweat, and tears to come up with your product and that you are more than excited to get it out on the market. Give your product the best chance it can have for success by using the design and label experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation. To view a list of our products and services, visit our website. If you have any questions about said product or services or you wish to receive a quote for your own labels, please call us at (954) 922-9292.


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