Why Label Design is Crucial for Business Success

There are a few ways to get product labels. Certainly, you could design and print them yourself or order them from a template-based website. However, these options don’t provide the perspective of a label design professional. If you’re serious about profiting from a product’s sales, you’ll want to market that product effectively. In this article, we discuss how label design is a crucial part of product marketing. Additionally, how not utilizing label design would inevitably be harmful to business success.

The Benefits of a Good Label Design

First and foremost, many business owners may not understand that professional design can help business in a number of ways. An experienced designer understands what makes a product label work to increase sales. A product label should be designed to do the following:

Engages: Without an engaging product, a consumer is likely to choose a competitor’s product. When a professional designs a label, it portrays aspects that can subconsciously attract more consumers than a less-attractive label would.

Presents: Images and information portrayed on a label presents the potential buyer with what they’re purchasing. Without a way to know what the product does or the benefits of buying it, potential buyers may move on to the next product on the shelves.

Notifies: Consumers want to know what their products are made from, how they’re tested, where they’re manufactured, and so forth. Effective label design will work to educate a potential buyer so they can make an informed decision on purchasing. Additionally, for products like chemicals, cosmetics, and food, the government requires specific information on product labels. If you use a designer who doesn’t understand the ins and outs of label regulations, you may get penalized by the FDA and have to start entirely over with the process of obtaining product labels.

The Regrets of Not Investing in Label Design

Far too often, we talk to clients who come to us after already making the mistake of not using a professional label design company. They’ve invested time and money they can never get back. Sometimes, people will choose graphics that are too small, use software that doesn’t portray imaging or sizing correctly, or simply don’t understand how to effectively design labels to attract consumers. Basically, when it comes to product labels, you get what you pay for. While investing in a label design company may be more expensive than doing it yourself or going with an inexperienced designer, not doing so can actually cost you more money. Do it right the first time around and invest in a label that will work to effectively market your product.

Need Label Design? Consider Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Don’t make the mistake of having to print labels twice. Invest in label design the first time around. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we have over 35 years of experience designing and developing effective, beautiful, and custom product labels. Make no mistake; it takes years to develop the experience needed to design a product label that incorporates all the needed aspects to effectively market to a target audience. But, it also takes the vision of a business to carry out the design needed to market a brand in a way that attracts customers. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, our label designers work together with our clients to come up with label design that works to portray business branding in a way that increases sales. To talk to our team of designers about your product label design project, contact us today!

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