Selecting Varnishes for Your Custom Label Design

Choosing a label company to develop your product labels means standing out from your competitors and gaining business through innovative branding. But, if your custom label design keeps quality and durability in mind, your investment may be squandered. So, when coming up with a custom label design for your products, remember to select the varnish or coating which prepares your labels for a life of effective use.

The Benefits of Using Varnish and Coatings for Custom Label Design

You’ll want to choose some kind of finish on your label for a number of reasons. Varnishes can be a great addition both aesthetically and functionally.

Kinds of Varnishes for Custom Label Design to Choose From

Matte Varnish: If you’re looking for a softer look and feel for your labels, the matte varnish is a great choice. This is a good choice if you want a more subtle feel or you have chosen a darker color scheme for your product labels. It provides a sophisticated, classic look which is great for businesses who want to provide a more professional tone on their labels. But, remember, matte varnish can muffle colors. So, it may soften more vibrant or deep colors when used.

High Gloss Varnish: A gloss varnish is your alternative to lamination. While lamination may protect your labels better, a gloss varnish may be less expensive. And, it still does add some protection to labels. Gloss finishes are much like what you find on photographs. It allows for a smooth textured feel and a shiny look. This allows colors to pop even more, so it’s great for vibrantly colored labels. When it comes to popular varnishes, the high gloss varnish tops the list!

Combination Matte and Gloss Varnish: For those who like the look and feel of both matte and gloss varnishes, an option which lies in the middle is also available. The combination varnish is a great way to stand out from other labels in the industry. You can actually choose which parts of your label are glossy and which are matted, upping the intelligent and creative design of your custom label.

Ready to Choose a Varnish for your Custom Label Design

Whether you know exactly what your labels to look like or you still have questions, choosing a label design company like Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help you feel even more confident about your product labels! Custom label design will allow your vision to come to life, whatever that may be! If you’re ready to talk with our design team about the varnishes you’re considering using in your custom label design, please give us a call today at (954) 922-9292.

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