Considering Fonts for Custom Label Printing Services

From hawaiian fonts to San Serif fonts to Helvetica, there are so many different fonts out there that it can be hard to pick just one for your product. And selecting a font for your custom label printing job may be more important than you think. It gives personality to your label and can sway a customer’s opinion of your product at first glance. Understanding and selecting a font that is right for your label and product will enhance the quality of your product and help business.

Deciding Upon Font Types

There are two types of font type categories that are recognized in the English language. Any font that you decide upon for your custom label printing will either be Serif or Sans Serif. There are a couple distinguishing features of each category including:

Serif: This category of font type is the oldest and most recognized today. The recognizing distinction of these font types is the added lines to each letter that create a perpendicular base, or “feet”. These font types are used in longer writings because they create an easier read caused by the geometric flow the added lines create. A highly recognizable font that resides in this category is Times New Roman.

Sans Serif: The word sans stems from the Latin word sanz, which means without. So, Sans Serif is fonts without the added lines to the base of lettering. This style has become more popular within the last generation or two because of easy recognition of letters. These fonts work very well for specific customer bases, especially young children and those who may have trouble reading. A commonly used Sans Serif font that you might recognize is Arial.

What you Should Focus on When Choosing Font

Your Specific Product Audience: Before deciding on a font for your custom label printing project, you should know what audience group you are trying to target. When a customer can relate to the font of your label, they are more likely to pick it up off the shelf.

Following the Design: Whatever font you decide upon, be sure that it flows well with the design that you have already implemented into your custom product label. Some fonts will clash with symbols or pictures while others can compliment them. Be sure that before deciding on a font, it ties in with the design of the label.

Easily Readable: Along with keeping the flow of the label you are designing, your font should be legible and easily read. You don’t want someone picking up a different product just because they can’t determine what is written on your product label.

Choosing Blue Ribbon Tag and Label for Your Custom Label Printing Services

If you are selecting a font for your custom product labels, consider choosing Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation to ensure that your labels will be beautiful, have great quality, and achieve a classic design. If you need help choosing a font for the label you are designing, we have a staff of highly experienced designers that are willing to guide you through the process of developing a unique custom label that incorporates your business’ ideas and views. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to call us at (954) 922-9292.

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