All About Picking Color Schemes for Custom Label Design

Did you know that colors can bring about emotion? Psychologically, colors can influence the way consumers view a brand, product, or service. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we understand the psychology of color and how to incorporate effective color schemes into custom label design. Before considering what you want your labels to read or even look like, you should first start thinking about the colors you’re going to want to utilize within your branding efforts!

How Colors Make you FEEL

As mentioned, different colors can bring about different emotions. Before deciding on colors for your custom label design, learn more about which colors are going to have the best impact for your business.

Blue: The color of water and the sky, blue is very natural. So, it’s quite neutral. This color evokes emotions of security, calmness, serenity, and reliability. It’s said that no one dislikes the color blue and that men respond best to it. That’s why it’s a very commonly used color for marketing on male-driven products like shaving creams and deodorants.

Red: Known for evoking feelings of excitement and impulsivity, red is a great color to choose for marketing efforts like custom label design. If you think about major retailers and franchises, many of them incorporate red or completely embrace the color for all things marketing. That’s because it’s a striking color which really does help to attract buyers.

Green: This color resembles two things every person likes, money and living nature. Many people have positive reactions to green. And, it’s usually used by companies who want to establish a “green”, or eco-friendly brand. Additionally, green is thought to evoke feelings of peace, intelligence, and even good wealth or luck.

Yellow: The most striking color of all, yellow stimulates excitement. Since yellow is the ultimate color for attention-grabbing, it shouldn’t be overused. As a highlight or accompanying color, yellow does wonders for marketing efforts like custom label design. But, too much yellow can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why there aren’t very many well-known establishments which use yellow as the main branding color.

White: Most people associate white with cleanliness and purity, so it’s a great option for use in cleaning products, cosmetics, and other products which need to fire up these feelings. Additionally, since white matches well with other colors, it’s a great color to be used for backgrounds of label design or product packaging.

Orange: Just like red, orange is a color which can evoke feelings of excitement and impulsivity. So, it’s a great color to use in custom label design. It’s said to make people react in a positive way and even provide warm emotions.

Brown: A very neutral color which resembles colors found in nature, brown evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and reliance. It’s usually chosen as a color for packaging or used as an accent in marketing color schemes.

Getting Help with Choosing Color Schemes for Custom Label Design

If you have no idea which colors to use in your custom label design, or you need a printer which is going to match your Pantone colors, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! Our designers are experts in coming up with custom label design solutions which evoke the right emotions in potential consumers. To talk with us about an estimate for custom label design, contact us today!

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