Why Consumers Are Leaning Towards Products with Compostable Packaging

In the year 1907, a material was invented which was at first thought to be a miracle. Nearly indestructible, moldable to any form, and offering a million uses, plastic has been used to house an unlimited number of materials. While it’s useful, it’s the result of millions of tons of waste which, when burnt off, pollutes the airs with harmful chemicals and additives. Not to mention the effect tossed plastic can have on wildlife environments like the ocean as it takes over 100 years to decompose. Fortunately, for those who are aware and passionate about this issue, the compostable packaging is available as a solution to product packaging. As time goes on, more consumers are expecting compostable packaging and more of these types of solutions are becoming available to meet their desires.

What is Compostable Packaging?

Simply put, the compostable packaging is product packaging that decomposes within a matter of 180 days after being thrown out. These types of packaging materials break down into their basic components: water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. This saves the environment from lasting effects of incompatible materials like plastic.

Why do Consumers Want Compostable Packaging?

According to buyer trends, people want compostable packaging. But, why? There are a number of reasons consumers may prefer compostable packaging including:

Environmentally Friendly: Consumers may simply choose a product with compostable packaging over others due to the fact that they’re environmentally friendly. People like to know that they’re doing something to help the world. Or, know that they aren’t part of the negative impact that human life has on this planet. So, to align with beliefs, people may choose compostable packaging just because they’re decomposable.

Adaptable: One of the benefits of plastic is that it can be used for practically anything. However, it’s overlooked how adaptable compostable packaging really is. Just as plastic, these types of packaging materials can be shaped and molded as needed. This allows them to be useful in a number of scenarios. Plus, it’s not uncommon to see that compostable packaging is reused after initial use!

Personal Responsibility: Consumers understand that when they buy things sold in plastic packaging, they’re adding to the waste and pollution of this planet. Those who choose compostable packaging solutions instead of traditionally packaged products care about their personal responsibility to minimize waste. And, they may choose these types of products simply because they offer no waste after consumption.

Trend: While individuals who care about the environment may actually have a true passion, it doesn’t exclude the fact that it’s trendy. Gone are the days that people get made fun of for caring about the environment. Now that we are sure that human life and production is harming the earth, it’s cool to invest time and interest in reducing waste and taking care of the planet. So, people may buy products which use compostable packaging simply cause it’s the trendy thing to do.

Have a Product with Compostable Packaging?

If you have a product which utilized compostable packaging and you’re looking for like-minded labeling solutions, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help!

We can provide your company with the eco-friendly solutions you may be looking for, as we offer a number of materials and options. To see some examples of our work and to find out more about your label options, please visit our website! Or, if you’re ready for a quote, give us a call now at (954) 922-9292!

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