Embossed Custom Product Labels

What are Embossed Custom Product Labels?

To emboss means to press or stamp designs on a surface, causing the design to be raised in comparison to the rest of the material. Embossed custom product labels refer to a specific technique used in label design that allows for lettering, patterns, decorations, and specific designs. The entire label or only small part may be chosen to be embossed. Labels made with embossing have a certain pop to them while being enhanced by the elegance it provides. The embossed design is made by using color dyes that are placed onto the labels by using pressure from the printing press. The mold of the design is made beforehand and used only for that specific label production. The finished embossed custom product labels have implemented color depth, customized texture, and a quality shine.

When to Choose Embossed Custom Product Labels?

Embossing can be used in most printing techniques, so it is seen in many product labeling. The embossed part of the label highlights aspects about the product that may be important to notice. The embossing technique can be used on paper, foil, film, and practically any other material. Most common industry applications of embossed labels include:

  • Liquor, beer, and wine labels
  • Cosmetic and beauty labels
  • Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical labels
  • Food and drink labels
  • Veterinary labels

Embossing and other Printing Techniques

One of the best benefits of embossing on labeling is that it works well with a number of other printing techniques. All colors color combinations can be used with the embossing process, to give unlimited options for design. Whatever you imagine your design to be, embossing can be implemented into your idea.

Differences in Embossing Types

Blind: This type of embossing does not involve any color. The raised surface is the only evidence of embossing on the label.

Combination: This is embossing and foil printing on one label. Hot or Cold foil printing gives a nice shine to labels and embossing only enhances its quality look.

Pastel: This is mixing two tones to get the desired effect similar to an antiqued look. Different options include pearl finish, clear finish, and countless others.

Glaze: This embossing involves adding heat to create a shiny appearance to the label.

Scorch: This embossing also involves heat but to provide a different effect than glazing. A fiery scorched look is the desired effect of this kind of embossing.

Choosing Embossing for your Product Label Design

If you think that embossing is right for the label or tag for your company or product, Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation can aid you in design, development, and shipment of your labels. We pride ourselves on time management and quality products. If you have any questions or would like an estimate on our services, please visit our website or call 954-922-9292.

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