Definitions For Your Custom Made Label

Okay, so you’re about to start designing your own custom made label for a new product. Have you ever started looking into making personalized labels and thought “what do all these words mean”? There are lots of terms out there that relate to custom label design; most people have no idea what many of these terms even mean. So, how about breaking down some of these terms? Knowing the definitions of these words might help you as you design your custom made label.

Some Label-Making Terms

Don’t like the feeling of drowning in a sea of unknown terms and phrases? We sure don’t. So, let’s define some of these label-making terms.

Definitions For Your Custom Made LabelEmboss: This word basically describes text or images on your label that are pressed into the label and raised slightly. So, they’re not flat on the label and sort of “stand out” on the label. Embossing is great for making products look elegant or sophisticated. You can emboss when designing cosmetic labels or maybe wine labels. Embossing can emphasize specific areas of your label, like the logo or information you want people to pay close attention to.

Deboss: You guessed it. This is the opposite of embossing. When labels are debossed, certain texts or images are pressed below the surface level of the label so that they seem to sink into the label rather than rise above it. Debossing labels can add depth and texture to the design of your custom made label.

Gloss: This is an effect that can be added to labels to give it a polished and finished look. The gloss is clear and shiny; they reflect light and can easily blend into product containers that are also shiny and transparent. Clear, glossy labels are good for containers that show the product inside, like hand soaps or beverages.

Matte: If your custom made label is matte, it has a finish that isn’t shiny and doesn’t reflect light. Matte labels can add an elegant look to your label. If you want to give your organic product that “organic look”, or a natural appearance, a matte label is a great idea.

Tamper-proof or Tamper-evident: You know the part in movies where they say, “this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds”? That’s pretty much what tamper-proof or tamper-evident labels do. They don’t actually give you a countdown, but they do get destroyed when someone messes with them. This kind of label is usually pressure-sensitive and they break when tampered with. Tamper-proof labels make it evident that someone has been messing with the product. They’re mostly used on things like technological equipment (i.e. computers, cell phones, etc.) for protection purposes.

Perforated: Have you ever seen a label that says “tear here”? Those small slits along the length of the label are what make the label perforated. If your label has a coupon on it, you can use a perforated edge to allow for easy removal.

Foil Stamped: This is a process that uses a special foil, pressure, and heat to dye a label. The label, text, or image are covered in the foil and then, with heat and pressure, the selected areas are dyed by the foil.

Custom Made Labels from Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

After reading these definitions, you may be more clear about some of the terms you’ve come across while working on the design for your custom made label. Or, maybe, you’re still a little confused. Either way, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is here to make the whole process easier for you! Our team is ready to help you design and print your custom label. We’ll stick with you through the whole process and make sure you get exactly what you want for your product label. Ready to start? Contact us now!

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