A New Age of Labels: Pressure Sensitive Labels

When business owners need a label, they usually imagine pressure sensitive labels. That’s because 8 out of 10 products on the market that have labels utilize these types of labels. Their growing popularity, a wide range of functionality and numerous options for display make pressure sensitive labels the labels of this era.

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Labels of the past were water activated and didn’t provide the stick that many products need to give information throughout their lifetime. Later, glue was applied by machines to offer labels that would perform longer. There are still some products that utilize this method today as it is cheap, like canned goods, but older machinery and technology mean higher maintenance costs and poor performance, which ends up costing money with reprints. Pressure sensitive labels are the next generation of labels, offering a new method of production and application. They don’t require the use of heat, water, or any other chemical to be applied to packaging; rather, they are applied by pressure. All in all, a pressure sensitive label is a glorified sticker that offers the exact imaging and performance that products and business owners require.

Benefits of Choosing Pressure Sensitive Labels

Of course, the obvious benefit of pressure sensitive labels is their easy application. You simply peel the label and place on the packaging with pressure to allow for the proper grip. For perfect application, label purchasers can also choose the option to have their pressure sensitive labels applied by machinery. This ensures that no labels have to be thrown out during the application process and labels are right where they need to be on your product packaging. Secondly, pressure sensitive labels offer an unmatched list of options. There is no two pressure sensitive labels that are the same. Want to add a personalized graphic or logo? That’s no problem for pressure sensitive labels since they can be digitally mastered and developed incorporating the vibrant colors you desire. There are also a wide variety of materials, finishes, and designs available for pressure sensitive labels that offer unique looks and application in harsh environments. Specific options for pressure sensitive labels include:

  • Any size label for any product or packaging
  • Unmatched option for number of available colors
  • Foil material to add gold or silver detail
  • Added durability with high gloss, low gloss, or matte finish
  • Silk screen and embossed labels for added texture
  • Original graphics, images, and brand logo designs
  • Expanded text labels for additional information
  • Adhesive that can withstand wet, cold, heat, and other environmental factors

The Benefits of a Custom Label

You can get pressure sensitive labels practically anywhere, so why should you choose to spend the extra money on custom pressure sensitive labels? The additional benefits of these labels outweigh the investment since they will likely boost business and offer your audience a beautiful label solution. Other benefits of a custom label include:

  • Giving your product an eye-catching appeal
  • Giving your customers a brand they can recognize
  • Giving your customers a lasting first impression
  • Giving your customers a product they trust at first look
  • Giving your customers information they want AND need about your product
  • Giving your company a product to be proud of
  • Giving your company boosted sales opportunities

Pressure Sensitive Labels from Blue Ribbon

Considering adding custom pressure sensitive labels to your new or redesigned product? Trust your business to the labeling experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation. We have been in the business of boosting company sales through custom product labels for over 30 years. Have a vision in mind that you would like implemented on your label? Our team of professional designers can work with you to come up with the vision that you desire. We won’t develop your labels until you are 100% satisfied with the design that we have come up with, so you don’t have to worry about printing labels that you aren’t sure of purchasing. Wondering about our labeling services or wish to see examples of custom labels that we have provided for businesses? Check out our website to view our portfolio. Need a quote? Call us today at 954-922-9292 for a free, no obligation quote and to get started on your custom label project, let the experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label show you what your final product can do!


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