Looking For Some Ideas to Design Your Own Jar Labels?

Jars are containers that are often used to store various products. From jelly to honey to candles and pretty much anything else, jars can handle it all! The sturdiness could be one of the things that cause people to look to these containers for storing. Another reason jars are so popular is the look they give. Jars, whether glass or plastic, have a way of looking expensive or neat without having to do much at all. And, if you play your cards right, your product can do just that! Using a jar container for your product could be the best idea! And adorning those jars with the most amazing labels would certainly be the second-best idea. Need some pointers as you design your own jar labels? Take a look at some of our ideas!

Here Are Some Tips for Your Jars!

With a bit of change here and there, the jars for your products can be perfect! We’ve got a few tips that will help you to make sure your brand is represented extremely well. Without further ado, let’s talk about how you can design your own jar labels in a way that will impress your consumers!

Firstly, remember to let your product speak for itself. In other words, make sure the label says what it needs to say. Tell possible customers what they need to know. This includes the name of the product, the action it’s supposed to do (if necessary) or what it is, the name of your brand, your logo, and other important facts like nutrition information. Make sure people don’t have to search to figure out what you’re selling. Also, we mentioned that you only need to include the intended action of the product if necessary. For example, you may not really have to add much explanation to a honey jar. But, you may need to do so for a hair or hygiene product. Of course, you could say “natural sweetener” or something along those lines if you choose to do so! But, be sure that you always include the information that is needed.

Looking For Some Ideas to Design Your Own Jar Labels?This leads us to our next tip. Be sure that you don’t overdo the text. You don’t want to overwhelm your consumers with information. Yes, you want to be sure that they understand what the product is. But, it’s important to keep the wording and images on the label at a minimum. This is especially the case if your products are being stored in smaller jars. Again, include only what’s necessary and all will be well!

As you design your own jar labels, you should work to find a design that will compliment the container. The container may be clear and allow consumers to see the product without even opening the jar. If this is the case, you may want to look into using clear material that won’t take away from the overall transparency. If the container is not clear, you could still use a clear label. But, you might also consider opting for a different look.

Design Your Own Jar Labels With Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label works to make your products look as amazing as they are! So, if you want to design your own jar labels or need someone to help you with this part of the process, contact us! We can create a design you’ll love and then print out quality labels for you. Let us help you today!

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