Ensuring Accurate Design Before Cosmetic Label Printing

Before sending your cosmetic labels for printing, it’s crucial to ensure their accuracy to avoid costly reprints and to deliver the labels you desire from the first print run. When developing cosmetic product labels, it’s essential to know how to correct your design to streamline the cosmetic label printing process and achieve the results you expect.

Verifying the Inclusion of Essential Information

First and foremost, when designing cosmetic labels, it is vital to ensure that you display all the required information. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulates cosmetic products to guarantee their safety for consumers. One way to ensure consumer safety is by listing all the ingredients used in the product, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Fortunately, the FDA provides specific guidelines that cosmetic manufacturers and designers can follow to ensure their products meet regulatory requirements and pass FDA inspections, providing confidence during the packaging and printing process.

What to Include on the Principal Display Panel (PDP)

The FDA mandates specific information to be displayed on various parts of cosmetic labels and products. Let’s start by discussing what needs to be included on the principal display panel (PDP), which is the front view of your cosmetic packaging, the first thing consumers see. The FDA requires two key elements on the PDP: the Statement of Identity and Net Weight.

Statement of Identity: This is the product’s name, comprising both your brand name and the actual product name. For example, “CoCo Beauty Butter – hand lotion” would have “CoCo Beauty Butter” as the brand name and “hand lotion” as the product name. It’s important to note that including ingredients in the Statement of Identity can be confusing. Either list all ingredients or none at all.

Net Weight: This is the total weight of the product, excluding the weight of the packaging. You must accurately determine the product’s weight and prominently display it on the front of your cosmetic labels.

What to Display on the Information Panel

The information panel is where you should display all other FDA-required and regulated information. Typically located on the back of the cosmetic product or the outer packaging (cardboard box), this panel should include:

Ingredients List: List all ingredients in the order of most used to least used during product development. Ensure that the font size is the correct size required by the FDA to ensure readability for consumers.

Manufacturer’s Address: Include the address of the product’s manufacturer on the information panel. If you don’t have a manufacturer, you can provide the address of your packer and/or distributor.

Warnings: Include any necessary warnings for consumers. Refer to the FDA’s website to determine if your specific product requires any warnings. Present these warnings in an easily readable, bolded, and clear format to ensure consumers understand any associated risks, such as the FDA’s requirement for aerosol cosmetic packaging to carry a flammability warning.

Seeking Assistance with Cosmetic Label Printing

Now that you understand the essential components of cosmetic labels, you can confidently proceed with cosmetic label printing. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label Corporation can assist you throughout the entire process, from design to printing. They can also answer any questions you may have about what to include on your cosmetic labels. To begin creating your custom cosmetic labels, visit our website and contact us today.

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