All about Flexographic Custom Label Printing Services

What is Flexographic Custom Label Printing?

Flexographic custom label printing, or flexo for short, is a technique of label printing that utilizes a flexible relief plate. These types of presses use semi-liquid inks for optimal color placement. Essentially, it is the printing of labels from a stamp onto a number of different materials through a press. This kind of printing is similar to the letterpress but of modern day with advances in technology. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation implement the benefits of flexo custom label printing so that our clients have the widest range of selection for their product label needs.

Benefits of Flexographic Custom Label Printing

  • Can be used on basically any material
  • Can be used for basically any product
  • Speed of press is very fast so it’s good for large orders
  • Ability to match colors exactly as desired
  • Able to keep patterns continuous and even
  • Generates perfect color on any material with no spills
  • Best for food labels since this printing doesn’t allow for deterioration of ink

Each relief plate used in flexographic label printing is original to that specific product label. These plates take time and finances to create. At Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation, we keep every plate on file so that if there are ever reorders down the road, we will be ready to print your labels in a timely fashion.

Choosing Flexographic Custom Labels for your Business

Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation understands that you are looking for quality, durable, beautiful custom labels, which is what we provide to all our clients. We have designed hundreds of labels for a vast number of industries because we provide a wide array of options for our clients. Additionally, we implement a staff of design professionals to help you with the decision-making process and guide you through your best options. Contact us today for a free estimate. If you find yourself with any questions or concerns, please call us at (800) 433-4974.

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