The Benefits of Designing a Simple Product Label Design

When it comes to your product label design, you might be unsure of the appearance you want for your brand. It’s hard to decide one good look for your products. While you’re designing, you have to be wondering about color schemes, logo design and placement, text style, and more. Sometimes, it all can seem so overwhelming and difficult! There’s definitely a lot that goes into creating a brand that makes you proud. But, there’s one thing that you might not have thought about. Simple is good. Yes, that’s right. Your product label design doesn’t have to be extravagant or super complicated. In fact, sometimes, the simpler the design, the better. Not sure how you feel about it? Allow us to explain.

Less is More, Right?

In some cases, the saying is true. Sometimes, less is definitely more. This can be true in product label design. When you design a label for your product, you can create something meaningful and perfect just by toning things down. When we say “toning things down”, we mean that you don’t need to use bold colors, large text, and images. You can actually make the perfect label without any of that. There are benefits to creating a simpler product label design. For example, if you create a really “busy” design, consumers may not pay much attention to it. Label designs that are too elaborate often dissuade people from purchasing those items. This might be because the labels contain too much text or the wording is too difficult. Perhaps, the colors are too bright or images take the place of important information.

If your product label design is simple, you can give consumers the information they need without overwhelming them. Simple designs can create a sophisticated look. They can also give a natural appearance. Many people would actually prefer to have items that speak for themselves. In that case, the label doesn’t need to do all the talking. If you’ve designed the perfect product, make sure people are willing to try it. And, one of the ways you can make that happen is to create a product label design that gets people interested in what you’re offering. So, again, less just might be more in the long run.

Choosing the Right Product Label Design

Of course, if you choose to create a more elaborate product label design, you won’t necessarily lessen the chances of selling your product. To some, the design may not matter as much as the quality of the product itself. The best thing to do when you’re designing a label for your brand is to think about how you want to present it. What do you want your consumers to think about your product? What words do you want them to consider when they see it? Should they think the product is elegant? Sophisticated? Fun? Your label design should show the appeal you want to make.

Designing and Printing Your Label through Blue Ribbon

Not sure how you want your label to look? The Blue Ribbon Tag & Label team can help you create the perfect label! If you have already designed a great label for your product, the next step is to print it. We can take care of that for you, also! Just contact us today to find out more about our services!

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