The Transparent Trend in Product Label Printing

There are many different types of trends in custom product label printing, and one that has really been taking off in recent years is transparent labels. Most of the labels that you will identify with in stores will be mostly of color, but in the past several years the clear label trend has taken the store shelves by storm. These labels give a product the look that they do not even have a label. It provides a sleek and modern look that cannot be provided by the average custom label. Before deciding on transparent product label printing, discover more about this label trend.

The Benefits of Transparent Product Label Printing

  • Customers can better see the product. If you choose to use clear packaging along with a clear label, your customers will be able to see the consistency, color, and texture of what you’re selling. This makes the product, essentially, able to sell itself. If you are using anything other than clear packaging, your customers will be able to see your brand right over your packaging due to the transparency of the label.
  • Transparent product label printing allows for a clean and modern look that can only be achieved with the minimalist approach that see-through labels provide.
  • They are good for use in a variety of different materials and a multitude of industries including food and drink packaging because they are water resistant. No matter the condensation or temperature, your transparent adhesive labels will look great and keep hold to your product.

Things to Consider if you Desire Transparent Labels

If you are considering to utilize transparent product label printing in your design, there are a few things to think about before making finalized decisions. Firstly, you must be aware that certain inks used on transparent labels are not completely solid; meaning that the color of your product will affect the colors you decide upon for your label. For example, if your product is red and you choose a yellow color for your font on the label, that yellow will likely seem orange. This can be prevented by placing a white background to the lighter colors on the label. Additionally, you must be aware that any part of the label that has no design will be transparent, so keep that in mind when deciding on a design.

Transparent Product Label Printing at Blue Ribbon

If you are convinced that transparent labels are the edge that your product needs, the design team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation is here to help. Our team of experienced designers can help you come up with a label design that is perfect for your product. Additionally, we can create your dream labels at an affordable price, the highest quality, and exactly to your standards. There are many options to consider when deciding upon a label like design, finishes, texture, and color. We would like to go over all the options with you to come up with the best plan of action to help your business gain customers that will come back for your product time and time again. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how to get a quote today.

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