Use the Psychology of Label Color to your Advantage

Have you ever noticed that certain companies use color in their labeling to promote their brands? This is because there is a psychological response to color in customers. Color can evoke emotions. For example, colors like gold and orange can bring about feelings of warmth. White and blue can bring about feelings of coldness. Businesses have been taking advantage of how colors can make customers feel for decades. Are you taking advantage of what label color can do for your business?

Utilizing Color for Branding

Selecting a color to represent your business will not only evoke emotion in consumers but also immediately provide customers with a lasting memory of your brand. Companies have been taking advantage of this psychology of color for years. For example, can you identify which companies use the colors:

● Bright orange- used in a large home appliance and tool retail
● Dark green- to represent an amiable coffee corporation
● Teal- used in a widely known women’s jewelry company
● Brown- to represent a package carrier service

You don’t even need to see these companies’ logos to identify who they are. These are just a few examples of ways that color can be used to evoke emotion and create a memory in the consumer base. But, how do you come up with a color to represent your business or implement it to your custom product labels?

Choosing Label Color for Products

Deciding upon colors for your custom product labels can seem like a challenging task, but with just a bit of knowledge, it does not have to be so hard. Choosing label color is all about the contrast of text and background. The more there is contrast, the easier it will be to read the text and identify images on your product labels. Overall, the more contrast there is, the more clear and beautiful the ink used on your labels will appear. There are colors that pair for a more complementary contrast. Essentially, you should decide on one color from one side of the color wheel to match with another on the other side of the wheel.

Matching Colors for Printing

It is often that business owners already have an idea of what colors they want to use on their product labels. This could be because they already have a color that represents their branding or they have come across a color that they like. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation can match the color that you require for your labels through our color matching process. We utilize digital methods and trial and error to come up with the perfect match for your company. For example, we once had a customer ask us to match a candy apple red from his vehicle and we did so that his branding could be represented in a way that he desired.

The Four Color Process

One of the ways that we match colors to a customer’s preference is through the four-color process. This process involves four colors (blue, red, yellow, and black) to blend together and match any color on the color wheel. This method is used to duplicate colors that are found on original pieces of art.

Matching Color through Pantone Matching System

The pantone matching system is a technology used by our graphic designers to match specific colors. Colors are selected from the color wheel so that customers and our designers can both come up with the certain hue that is desired. Sometimes customers require a color that they have spotted on a physical object, like the customer with the red car. To come up with these colors, we utilize a match color process that involves getting the color as close to the desired hue as possible through the pantone matching system and then adding inks by hand through trial and error until the perfect color is determined.

Getting Beautiful Label Color with Blue Ribbon

If you want to get started utilizing the advantages of color in your product labels, the design and development team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help! We specialize in making beautiful, quality, and custom labels for customers who want to stand out from the competitors. Whether you already know what color you want to implement in our labels or you need help coming up with the perfect color for your business branding, we can guide you. We know that our customers usually have a specific idea in mind, and we will do our best to create your vision so that it is replicated onto your custom labels. Get your product to stand out on the shelf with perfect match label color from Blue Ribbon Tag and Label Corporation by calling us at (954) 922-9292 today.

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