What are Wrap Around Labels?

Maybe someone has suggested that your products should use wrap around labels. Or, maybe you’ve come across that term in your search for labeling solutions. Either way, wrap around labels are a commonly chosen type of label. So, it’s a good idea to see if they’re the labeling option you’re looking for when it comes to your product packaging.

What Wrap Around Labels Are

Basically, wrap around labels are exactly as their name implies. They wrap around the width of the product or packaging upon application. Typically, these types of labels work by overlapping just a bit so that each end of the label sticks to the other. These types of labels is a great choice for products that use bottles, jars, or cans as packaging.

Are there Benefits of Choosing Wrap Around Labels?

This type of label is popular because of all the benefits it offers. Usually, wrap around labels are developed with a material known as BOPP. This material is a thin film that is resistant to scratching and can handle extreme temperatures. Also, most importantly, it is waterproof. So, when used for products that contain liquid or may come into contact with condensation, this material works nicely. Finally, BOPP is a relatively sturdy material. So, it won’t bend or tear very easily. This durability makes it a great choice for products that need to travel or be handled often throughout their lifetime.

Most often, people choose to have just one wrap around label applied to their product. This offers a sleek, clutter-free approach to providing branding and mandatory information. Obviously, choosing only one label which spreads across the product instead of having a label on both the front and back of a product saves money. But, wrap around labels are already pretty cost-effective. So, these labels are a great choice for the person looking for not only a durable and lasting label solution but an inexpensive one as well.

Another great benefit of these labels is their versatility. Plus, it offers the option to utilize metallic colors, holographic imaging, and even reverse side coloring. It can even support thermosensitive inks–which change color when the label comes into contact with specific temperatures. All of these options for customization promote the undoubtedly important use of your branding. And, provides your product with the genuine, personalized solution you’re looking for.

Who Should Choose Wrap Around Labels?

As mentioned, these types of labels are best suited for cans, bottles, or jars. Those looking for a 360-degree label that can withstand cold, heat, moisture, water, and some wear and tear may wish to consider wrap-around BOPP labels. If you think your product would do best with this type of label solution, you will need label design and development.

Wrap Around Labels with Blue Ribbon Tag and Label

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we’ve been helping business owners with their custom product label solutions for over 40 years. And, we have designed and developed many types of wrap around labels. If you need help with designing a personalized label that includes your branding and industry-regulated information, we can help! If you have a vision for wrap around labels, our design team can help bring it to life. To speak with us about pricing and more, contact us today through our website or give us a call at (954) 922-9292.

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