All About Custom Hang Tags – What They Are, Benefits, and More

Looking for a modern and easy-to-see way for customers who are buying your products to get to know your brand and other information about your products? Custom hang tags are a great way to showcase your branding while also portraying accurate, helpful information about your products to potential customers.

What are Custom Hang Tags?

Custom hang tags are custom-created tags that can be hung onto products to portray information, graphics, and more on one or both sides of the tag. They can be used for an array of products but are mostly known for use on clothing, jewelry, and other retail merchandise. Traditionally, hang tags are rectangular shaped, but can also come in other shapes including square, diamond, triangle, and circular.

Some Uses for Custom Hang Tags

There are a number of different ways that hang tags can be used. Some of the products and uses for hang tags can include:

Clothing: This is the most common use of hang tags. Custom hang tags for clothing often have branding on one side of the tag to showcase the logo and branding information. And, on the other side, offer information about fabrics, manufacturing, sizing, price, and more. Hang tags can make a product stand out from other clothing on the rack, so they can be adjusted to any brand in terms of graphics, colors, finish, texture, etc.

Products: Products don’t always have to include sticker labels. Rather, they can have hang tags that are easier to remove after purchase. And, can offer customers all the information that would otherwise be available on a product label. Hang tags can often be a good alternative to product labels as they can be customized to a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and more. Some examples of products that commonly use hang tags include sunglasses, jewelry, furnishings, artwork, pillows, blankets, and more.

Favors: Have an event coming up and want to personalize favors? Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, bridal party, or corporate event, custom hang tags can give your favors the flare you want to make an impression. They can also be used on marketing gifts you want to give to potential clients for real estate, hospitality, and more if you want to make a complimentary gesture to potential clients as well.

Custom Design for Hang Tags

Getting a custom design for your hang tags can ensure that your tags are custom-created to portray accurate information about your product and brand, brand images, and other assets so that they can stand out from competitor tags and branding.

Some of the information to include in your custom hang tag design may include:

  • brand logo
  • sizing
  • price
  • fabrics/ingredients
  • branded website
  • QR code
  • customer service information
  • social media pages
  • instructions for care/use

Custom Hang Tags From Blue Ribbon Tag & Label

Need help designing custom hang tags for your products or marketing materials? Blue Ribbon Tag & Label can help. We offer hang tags that are completely customizable for your brand and match your vision entirely. And, make a number of finishes and features available including Spot UV, foil printing, silk laminations, matte finish, and much more. Plus, we can match your branding colors to the tee in order to match your hang tags to all of your branded materials. Find out more about how we can help with the design and production of your custom hang tab labels on our website.

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