Important Features on Custom Printed Labels for Products

Looking for a way to display your company brand and information on labels for products that you manufacture or distribute? Whether this is your first time or 100th time searching for ideas on custom product labels, there are always a few features of labels to keep in mind before jumping on board with a design. You want your product to have the best chance it has to grab the attention of customers, so paying attention to labeling trends and consumer purchases is important when determining your product label.

Determining the Font Used on Labels for Products

You know what you want to say on your label, but how do you want it to come across? Fonts are the personality of the lettering on your product label. They provoke emotion, whether potential customers realize it or not. Bigger, bolder texts are usually used on labels of children products because they are easier to read and give off a more playful vibe. Longer, cursive lettering is a more professional and vintage look, used on wine bottles and other goods. Whichever font you choose to go with, make sure that it incorporates the personality of your brand and product. Stay clear of fonts that are too busy or hard to read as they will deter potential customers from buying your product.

Choosing the Right Colors for your Custom Labels for Products

When people see blue, they feel calm. When they see yellow, they feel warned. Colors are linked to us on a psychological which is why they are an important aspect of labeling. When you imagine some of the more popular brands around, what colors do they use? Many brands seem to identify with only one or two colors, giving customers a way to recognize them right off the bat. When choosing a color for your label, make sure to incorporate colors of your logo or branding so that customers are familiar with the product as they are the brand. Also, keep in mind colors competitors have used in similar products. What will stand out next to the colors already on the shelf?

Utilizing Graphics on Custom Labels for Products

Sometimes graphics are the entirety of a label. Imagery is a great way to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of passersby. If you want a graphic on your labels, make sure to choose one that embraces the philosophy and mission of your brand while also telling a story about your product. Sometimes, if an image is provoking enough, less text can be utilized because the image is enough to draw attention. Before deciding on an image to use, draw up a few different drafts to give yourself some selection and develop the perfect graphic.

For added protection and a standout look, add a finish to your label. From matte to high gloss, there is any hue of finish that you desire. Choose a look that incorporates the overall design of your label. If you went with a vintage looking font and a stylish graphic, you may want to go with a matte look to offer an antique feel. Choose a high gloss to protect the material of your labels if they are going to be exposed to water and humidity throughout their lifetime.

Determining Size and Shape of your Product Labels

Above all else, make sure you are confident on the size and shape of your product labels before they are sent to print. You wouldn’t want to have to reprint an entire order just because of a few millimeters. There are better ways to spend your hard earned money! Instead, make sure that you receive the packaging for your products BEFORE determining a size and shape of the label so that you are sure that they are to fit once printed.

Ready to get started with your own custom product labels? Our in-house designers have years of experience and can help bring your vision to life! Give us a call today at (954) 922-9292 so that we can help you come up with a solution and offer you a free, no obligation quote for custom labels that will make your new product stand out on the shelf.


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