When You Should and Shouldn’t Use Custom Round Labels

Label design is a very fun process! But, it can also be tiring and confusing at times. It’s not always easy to know what colors to put together or where to place the logo. Those things can be figured out eventually, especially if you toss around a few ideas. But, one thing that some producers fail to think about sometimes is the shape of the labels. Yes, that’s correct. The shape of your product labels really does matter.

You want your label to fit the container well. If the packaging combines well with the package, you’ve got a winner! One kind of label that sometimes confuses people is the round-shaped stickers. So, we’re going to tell you when you should use custom round labels.

Here’s When To Steer Clear

When it comes to designing your own product labels, you should know that there are no rules. Well, there are regulations you have to follow according to the FDA and such. But, as far as your real design is concerned, you have full freedom to create the look you want. But, it’s important to make your labels fit well with your product and the container. This way, you can present something that appeals to your consumer market. Your goal is to sell an amazing product. So, you just need to keep in mind what would look inviting and appealing to them. This means that every part of your custom label should show that you have paid attention to the details. And, those details include the shape of your labels.

Custom round labels may not work for every product. Sometimes, it’s best not to use circular or oval-shaped labeling for your product containers. Many containers allow you to experiment with the label shapes. But, it’s not always a good idea to use round labels on the sides of shorter jars. Some shorter containers might look better with rectangular labels.

Using Custom Round Labels

You might consider using round labels when the container is, well, round. It shows consistency in the overall design. We mentioned before that you might want to use a rectangular shaped label on the sides of little jars and containers. But, if you’re putting the label on the round lids of those containers, custom round labels are the way to go! If your product is a candle or something else rather small, you might want to use your custom round labels for them. You can use this kind of label to add a dainty or fun look to smaller product packaging.

Ovals and circles can also create a new appearance, depending on the font and color choices. Earlier, we also talked about some containers that allow for a little more creativity in label shapes. Are you thinking of using a sort of odd-shaped can, box, or jar for your product? If so, that’s just fine! You can usually use any shaped label for them. Of course, you’ll just need to pay attention to finding the one that looks best.

Blue Ribbon and Your Labels

Whether you are creating custom round labels or any other shape for your product labels, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label is here to help! We have served our community of producers for over 30 years. And, we would like the chance to serve your business! So, don’t wait! Give us a call today.

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