How to Design the Perfect Label for Your Pet Care Products

Do you have a business that produces great pet care products? If there’s one thing our society loves, it’s our pets! Good pet owners strive to buy only the best shampoos, food products, and even toys for their furry (or scaly!) friends. As a business owner, one of the most important things for you to do is design a label that displays just how perfect your products are. We know you have something great to sell but, your label has to show it. So, let’s look at some tips you can use when designing your custom label!

Naming Your Pet Care Products

As soon as a potential customer looks at your product line on the store shelf, the person should be able to see the name of your brand. It can be something simple, but it should clearly indicate whether it’s for a pet gerbil or a bearded dragon. Your brand name should be something that stays in people’s memories. But, if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. A lot of people may not remember the exact name of their favorite product. But, they will probably notice the color or image on the label. So keep that in mind when designing unforgettable labels for your pet care products.

Is it Delicious and Nutritious?

How to Design the Perfect Label for Your Pet Care ProductsPeople who love their pets want to make sure they are taking good care of them, regardless of if the customers are buying their dogs the best dog vitamins or the best treats. The health of their pets is very important to them. As a producer, you have to show that the health of pets is also your main concern. So, make sure your label shows consumers how healthy and nutritious your products are! You’ve taken the time to produce only the best. Show it off in your design. Make sure people can easily spot those nutrition facts. Include a little note on the front of the label that lets people know that you used some really good ingredients. Some pet owners may question some of the ingredients in the pet food or wonder can bearded dragons eat kale? Can dogs really have carrots? You get the gist, but this label letting owners know that your product is full of great ingredients and is full of nutrients for their pet will make them feel more comfortable buying your product.

Remember These Words!

Simple. Fun. Easy to read. These are things you should keep in mind as you design your pet product labels. Try to keep the design simple; don’t bombard people with a bunch of info. If it’s possible, just mention a little message about the health benefits of the product. You can put a little image or something that will stick in people’s minds. Apart from those little items, the label should be clear of anything that would make it look cluttered. Most people aren’t going to read the labels that say too much. Make it appealing — either really fun looking or sophisticated. If people like what they’re seeing and understand what they are reading, they just might buy it!

Designing Your Labels With Blue Ribbon

If you need help with the design, our team can get right on that. Or, if you already have a great design, we can get your labels printed and ready to go. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of it!

For over 30 years, Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been designing and printing labels for all kinds of brands. Give us the opportunity to help you get your pet care products out there by contacting us today!

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