Design Product Labels with These Suggested Tips

If you want to design product labels so that they display a personalized and unique approach that sells your company at first glance? If so, you’ll need to keep in mind a few industry tips so that your marketing efforts are spent profiting your company. There are many different options when it comes to deciding on a design for product labels, but knowing which methods will work best for your company and product will help you in the long run.

Have a Foot in the Door with Branding

We know that you have a product that you are excited to put out in the market, and that product label design is the last step in your way before that can happen. But, if you are a new business, you may wish to slow down and focus on branding efforts first. Branding is the overall impression that customers have of your company. Before effective marketing can take place, like producing labels for products, branding should be established. What is your company name, logo, mission statement, associative colors, and so forth? A brand is what keeps past customers coming back because they recognize and trust your company and see your brand as a representation of this developed relationship. So, before you can invest in marketing, make sure you have something to market.

Design Product Labels by Choosing Materials Used in the Process

Between the top and adhesive layers of your custom product labels will be your label material. This material is commonly referred to as face stock in the realm of labeling. Facestock options are numerous, so it’s best to choose materials that will work best for the life and use of your specific product. Also, different face stock offers different aesthetic experiences. If you aren’t sure which face stock to choose for your product that will help with both aesthetics and use of the product, our design product labels team can help you come up with a selection. Facestock materials and options may include:

Matte- This effect on the material provides no gloss, providing a sleek and muffled appearance.

<Semi-Gloss- Gloss provides a shiny effect which looks sleek and modern. This is the medium between matte and high-gloss.

High-Gloss- The shiniest effect that the face stock can offer, providing a smooth, sleek, and shiny appeal from even far distances.

Foils- Choosing a foil for your face stock will provide a regal look, offering an either gold or silver effect to make certain aspects of the label to pop.
Films- Specific materials can be placed onto labels to make them able to withstand more throughout their lifetimes. Vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene are choices for a film that adds durability to product labels.

Choosing Colors and Graphics for Product Label Designs

You can’t design product labels without choosing colors. When selecting the colors you wish to use in the design of your labels, it’s a good idea to incorporate the same colors you’ve used in your branding efforts. By keeping branding and labeling uniform in color, they will be easier for customers to recognize. Think of the biggest brands that you know; they all have adopted a color scheme and have utilized this color or colors into their label design. It’s a psychological connection that you can take advantage of as well. Additionally, if you wish to incorporate a graphic onto you label design, make sure the graphic also incorporates your branding colors. If you aren’t sure that the colors or graphic you wish to utilize onto your labels is appropriate or effective, not to worry; our design team at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help you brainstorm until we find the right solution for your business.

One of the most effective marketing strategies when it comes to labeling is transparency. Consumers want to know you before they invest in your company. So, incorporate your business history, mission, and/or commitment to customer service onto your label. When you are transparent about your motives on your labels, people will trust you, your company, and your product.

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