Emboss Vs. Deboss: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to choosing the finish on custom product labels, there are a lot of things to consider. Basically, you can customize marketing materials a number of different ways, and there are hundreds of terms to describe the specific customizable features on labels. Two of these terms you may have run into and wonder about are embossing and debossing. But, what’s the difference between the two? In this article, we describe these two terms so you can choose which of these finishes may be best for your promotional or label materials.

What is Embossing?

Basically, embossing is when lettering, images, or logos are raised slightly on labels, business cards, or other marketing materials. This offers a textured, 3-dimensional look and also allows the selected text or imagery to stand out a bit better. Embossing is accomplished by using a metal die underneath the material which pushes in an upward motion to secure the raised sections of the material. After this process, the raised embossed material can be colored with ink to showcase the selected text/imagery even more.

What is Debossing?

Essentially, debossing is the opposite effect of embossing. Rather than having the metal die push the material in an upward motion, a metal die is used to stamp to text, logo, or graphic meant to be debossed. Just like the embossing effect, this offers a textured look and feel to the material. And, can be either filled with ink or left alone, according to preference.

Embossing vs. Debossing – Customizing Your Options

Basically, if you’re looking to have a unique look and want certain aspects of your marketing material to stand out, either embossing or debossing are great choices. It’s a personal preference that’s best chosen by you! Whatever you choose, make sure to also know that you can customize the look of either embossing or debossing with certain options like foil printing and the use of metallic material. Otherwise, if you like the look that just the simple emboss or deboss provides, you can leave it as-is for still a unique way to showcase specific information or graphics.

Furthermore, along with these customizable options, die-cuts can also be customized to provide different looking embosses or debosses. For example, embossing dies may be sculpted to offer a single level of raised material, multiple levels, or even offer a sculptured look. Additionally, dies can be cut so that either embossed or debossed materials showcase beveled edges to offer an even more 3-dimensional look.

Don’t Know Which to Choose? We Can Help!

Wondering which feature may be best to showcase on your label or other promotional material? Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help come up with the perfect design that incorporates embossing, debossing, or a mixture of both!

To talk to us about designing your custom labels, give us a call today at (954) 922-9292.

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