Deciding Between the Various Label Types Available

We get that you may not know where to start when it comes to determining a label for your product. Your expertise lies within the product itself, not the type of label it needs. There are a few different label types to choose from, so it’s a good idea to go into the process with at least some idea of what type of label you need for your product. Once you’ve determined which label types you need for your products, our expert design staff can help you come up with the visual representation of your company or product you are looking for.

Different Label Types for your Products

Information Labels: These labels, obviously, provide information. This information may include manufacturer/distributor address, handling instructions, care instructions, expiration date, ingredients used, thread count, weight, size, and much more. These labels are best for food and pharmaceuticals since customers need to know more information about these products before determining on a purchase. For information labels which need to display even more information to stay within FDA regulations or provide the information a customer may need, there may not be enough room on the product to make a label big enough to hold all the information needed. For these dilemmas, a great solution is the expanded text label. This is an added option that allows you to put information on the underside of the label material. By pulling the label, the extended area is exposed and the customer can read the added information as well as place the label back in its rightful position. Learn more about expanded text information labels on our website.

Branding Labels: These labels aren’t as focused on information as they are in marketing efforts. Usually, branding labels will adopt a color scheme or one solid color so that they can be recognized easily by buyers. The label will include the logo and maybe a short description of the company or what the product does. Obviously, this doesn’t work as well with food, drink, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products which require displaying information according to FDA standards and regulations. But, these types of labels are great for clothing, soaps, and non-edible products.

Grade Labels:These labels are mostly seen used in the food industry. They are used to rate products according to their expiration date and quality. Also, grade labels are used for inventory identification. Since they are used for employment purposes, these don’t usually offer very much flare or information.

Tags:Instead of an adhesive sticker like most products use currently for labeling, tags are another option. Tags can be utilized for baggage, clothing, and more. Available is a wide range of colors for elastic and tags. Tags are best for less information so that the information that is provided can be easily read from a distance.

Specialty Labels:If you need a label for packaging that is awkwardly shaped or you need your label to have a specific shape not usually offered, they are known as specialty labels. For example, if you wanted your label in the shape of your label, it would be considered a specialty label. These may not be able to suffice for primary product labels, but they are a great way to spread marketing materials and get the attention of potential customers.

Choosing Label Types for your Business

Are you ready to choose the label types that will help your product or business? Talk to us, the experts, at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label. We have over 30 years of experience with all types of labels. Also, we have a design team on staff that can help you incorporate the vision you would like to see in your labels into a real-life version! For a free quote or to ask us about our services, please give us a call today at (954) 922-9292.


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