A Few Things to Consider Before You Order Labels

Your product is almost ready to be released into the market. That means that you are about to start reaping the benefits of your hard work and determination. But first, you need to order labels for your new product. If this is your first time putting a product on the market to sell, it’s probably also your first time ordering labels. So, there are a few things you’ll need to consider first.

The Size of the Packaging to Determine Label Size

Undoubtedly, you’ll need to determine product packaging before you can determine product labeling. This way, you’ll know the measurements of the packaging so that you’re aware of what the label measurements should be. Also, deciding on packaging before you order labels will help you to decide on the best shape for your labels. If you choose a size and shape that doesn’t match with packaging, you may have to re-order your labels. If you don’t know how to determine the best size or shape for your labels and have already determined product packaging, our team can help you come up with the appropriate measurements.

Determining what your Label Should Say

If your product is a food, pet, medical, or cosmetic product, the federal government may require you to add information to your product label. This way, consumers can know what your product consists of before making a decision on purchasing. To find out if your product requires the inclusion of any special information, check out the FDA’s website. There, you’ll find helpful information on the types of products which require information on ingredients and what you’ll need to include.

Your Company Information

Before you order labels, you’ll need to know what company information you’ll include on your label. If you don’t have one already, your company should invest in a brand presence. This way, potential and current customers will recognize your product and your company at first glance. A great start is to develop a company logo. To utilize branding on products, you can even put your company logo right on your product label. Other company information you may want to consider adding is the manufacturing address, company history, and/or fun facts about your company. Remember, the best way to grab customers’ attention is to stand out. So, come up with some creative information to utilize on your labels.

Will your Product Require a Barcode?

One thing that most product labels will have to include is a barcode. Barcodes help to track inventory, hold pricing information, and even advertise to customers. There are a few different types of barcodes to choose from. To learn more about what barcodes to choose for specific labels, check out our blog about the various choices to select from. Also, once you’ve decided on the type of barcode you’ll utilize on your label, you’ll need to determine where the best placement for it should be.

Considering Blue Ribbon Tag and Label to Order Labels

It can be overwhelming coming up with all of the information needed to make a choice about your product labels. That’s where Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help. We know what it takes to come up with beautiful and original product labels. And, we can help you to determine what information is needed to have your own custom labels developed. Our experience and expertise allow us to move the process of developing product labels along smoothly. Furthermore, our dedication to creating beautiful and unique labels ensures that the finished label will be a priceless marketing tool for your business.

If you have a vision for a product label, talk to our experts today about how we can make your dream a reality! Contact us through our website or give us a call today at (954) 922-9292.


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