Give Your Product Labels some Flare with These Ideas

Every product on the shelf seems to try to pull consumers in for purchase. But what is the aspect of these labels that really grabs a consumer’s attention? What makes a customer from uninterested to interested after only glancing at a product? While there is no one answer to these questions, studies find that consumers are more driven to products with labeling that goes above and beyond standard packaging expectations. Fortunately, with custom product labels like those designed and developed by Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, business owners have the capability to make their labels their own. And instill their own, brand-inspired flair with label applications and techniques. In this article, we offer insight into a few ideas that can bring product labels some extra flare to spark new consumer attention.

Finishing that Helps to Make Product Labels Pop

Finishes can add to an already beautiful product label. By just adding a special finish, your product labels can be brought to a life in a way other techniques cannot manage. Plus, label finishes may offer further protection for labels who need to be stored in cold or hot climates. There are a few types of label finishes to consider when it comes to product labels including:

Embossed Labels: Ever felt a label or other marketing material that has raised images or lettering? This is a special effect known as embossment. The raised parts of the label are actually an added finish known at UV coating. You can choose to emboss an entire label or only specific parts. This helps to provide glare in only the sections of the label you want to be noticed right away.

Matte and Gloss Finish: While a gloss finish offers a shiny, smooth appearance, matte finish does the opposite. Matte provides a softened, smooth appearance for the labels you want to look elegant or mysterious. You can choose to make product labels have an entire finish of either style or use both matte and gloss on the same label. This provides a contrast that helps to draw a consumer’s eye.

Soft: With this finish, matte product labels are soft to the touch. It’s most effective when applied to an entire label. Mostly used with high-end products that get a lot of use during their product life, this is a great way to show a customer that the product is as good as the customer service.

Pearl: Cosmetic lines and health products love to use this feature as it offers a pearl-like appearance to product labels. With a one-of-a-kind look, using different metallic pieces into the finishing gloss coat makes this finish.

Hot Foil Printing Give a Metallic Finish

With hot foil printing, you can get the gold, silver, or bronze regal look you want in labels. Plus, this technique can be used on almost any type of material. So, if you want a more textured product label, it can still take advantage of a metallic finish that always captures audience attention. Hot foil printing also supports high-resolution graphics and a number of finishes (as mentioned above) to customize your labels even further.

Choosing Blue Ribbon for Product Labels with Flare

Want to Give Your Products some Flare? Thinking of upgrading your product labels to something more eye-catching? Talk to us, the experts at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, about the expectations you have for your new labels. Then, we can help to design and develop the labels you envision! Contact us through our website today to tell us about your dream labels!

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