How Product Labels can Help with Promotional Marketing

Where your business gets custom pins created to give out at trade shows, give out free shirts for every sale, or give out stickers to people on the street, there’s no denying that promotional products are a great way to build awareness for a business. Along with app advertising, promotional marketing hits a large target base because it is where most of today’s focus is these days. Did you know that you can use product labels and other label materials for promotional marketing? There are a number of ways a business can utilize labels and stickers in a way which helps to boost sales and keep current customers interested. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we have help business owners make their promotional marketing ideas come to life in a number of ways with label products! Find out how labeled products can help your business with promotional marketing and invest in a more successful future.

Digital Printing for Promotional Items Saves Time and Money

With our digital printing press, promotional items can be printed more often and with more customization. That’s because digital printing doesn’t call for the making of expensive molds. Instead, they print scanned images, much like any home printer would. But, in a larger, more advanced method. So, in case you find yourself wanting to make a customized hand sanitizer for your brand, along with looking for a company that provides promotional advertising services, like 1525, utilizing a digital press might allow for more printing for a better price. Other advantages of digital printing for promotional needs may include:

  • Provides the opportunity to utilize different images on various
  • Can print QR codes which are a cheap, effective way to offer promotional marketing campaigns
  • Allows for the option of specific promotional materials in specific regions to pinpoint various target audiences

QR Codes for Promotional Marketing

If you’ve bought anything in the past 20 years, you may have noticed that some products offer a different barcode than the traditional black and white vertical line barcodes. This boxy, matrix-like barcode is called a QR code, or Quick Response Code. They were first developed in Japan to help inventory various automotive parts. But, since their first use, it has been discovered that QR codes can help perform in a number of ways. This is because they can hold and transfer much more information than the standard barcode. The uses of QR codes are many. Information from a QR code can be obtained typically by scanning the code into a smartphone or tablet. Once scanned, the promotional marketing or other use is displayed on the device. Some of the uses of a QR code can include sharing promotional videos or commercial, coupons, promotional sales events, display of upcoming events, consumer survey, discounts, and much more! If you have a promotional idea and want a savvy way to portray it on your product labels, QR codes are your go-to option.

Kinds of Promotional Marketing Ideas Blue Ribbon can Help With

There are a number of promotional marketing products we can help business owners with here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label. Some of the promotional marketing products we’ve done in the past include:

  • Extended text labels
  • QR codes
  • Car decals and bumper stickers
  • Promotional stickers/sticker sheets
  • Labels for promotional lip balms
  • Scratch off labels
  • Glow in the dark labels
  • Peel away labels
  • Promotional item tags
  • 3D labels
  • Metallic labels

Have an Idea for a Promotional Marketing Product?

If you have an idea for promoting a product with a label or other like-item, we can help! With over 35 years of experience, we have heard and met many requests for promotional marketing items. And, we may be able to help to design and develop the marketing materials you have in mind! To talk with us about your idea, contact us today on our website!

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