Keeping Product Label Design Trends in Mind

No matter the industry or business, trends allow both business owners and consumers to be aware of what’s selling. There are business trends as a broad topic, but there are also things like small business trends which focus in on more specific businesses and niches. As a result, it allows the understanding of what should be incorporated into future efforts to try to get a product to sell more. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we’ve been in business long enough to know that product label design trends are important. So we do our best to offer the most upgraded equipment and services to offer the newest and most effective methods for creating and designing product labels. If you’re wondering about current product label design trends and wish to merge these into a new label design, you’re in the right place! Learn about what’s trending in the industry now so you’ll know what to expect with your next label design project.

Graphics are Important

With the increase in applications, digital printing can be used for, images and graphics are implemented in marketing materials like labels more and more. If you have an image that portrays the mission of your company or may work to evoke a response upon first glance, it’s a great idea to use this into your product label design. Or, if you have a more detailed logo with imaging or other more advanced graphics, don’t be afraid to use it in your product label design as well.

Keep it Simple for Best Results

Far too often, business owners think their product labels should be flashy or go overboard in providing information. However, more often than not, simplicity gains favor over the product label designs that try to add every aspect of labeling. While some products are required by law to offer specific information, it’s still true that the average consumer wants simplicity when it comes to choosing products. So, offering a product label design with simplicity in mind may be a good idea.

Think About Adding a Custom Element

If you haven’t already chosen a label to brand your company, consider doing so. Logos are customized images that help to boost recognition or a product or business. They can be hand drawn for exact specifications or even electronically generated. However, it’s best to go with a logo that matches your business goals for branding efforts.

If a logo is something you already have but you still want to add a custom element to a product label, consider a hand-drawn element of something other than a logo. Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we understand that business owners may know exactly what they want to be included in their product labels. So, we work together with our clients to design and develop custom graphics. Our design team has years of experience in taking ideas and creating them to exact expectations.

Need a New Product Label Design?

Thinking of changing your current product labels or adding new products to your line? We can help to design and develop your product labels! To speak with a labeling expert about your label design ideas, contact us through our website today!

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