Staying on Top of Trends for Customized Labels

Labels are an important part of packaging and branding for products as they showcase information about a product, and branding, and can even entice consumers to purchase one product over another. Customized labels allow businesses to implement their branding strategies directly onto their labels and get a step ahead of their competitors. Customized labels are a great way to personalize labels, perfectly match labels to packaging shapes, and implement branded graphics onto products. But, there are some label trends that people who utilize custom labels should recognize and consider. 

Some examples of label trends that people who use custom labels should consider for their products include:

QR Code Labels

QR codes are a relatively new way to showcase barcodes on labels. These codes can be scanned using devices with cameras, like a smartphone, to lead current and potential customers to websites that offer promotions, discounts, and further product and branding information. It’s a great way to provide more information to consumers without having to include more information on a small label. And, promotes more company interaction with your consumers. QR codes can be added to any type of label material, so they’re a great way to stay on top of customized label trends easily.

Attractive Color Schemes and Graphics

With digital printing opportunities, graphics have come a long way – especially on labels. Using graphics is a great way to give your products a more interactive feel to consumers. And, can make your labels stand out from others. Additionally, the use of attractive, bright, and vibrant colors is also a great way to catch consumer attention. So, consider using both of these techniques with your customized labels as long as these two trends stay on track with your branding efforts.

Vintage Looking Labels

Giving your products a vintage feel with old-timey-looking graphics, texturing, and color schemes is a good way to stay on trend in the current marketplace. The attractive look of vintage items can be incorporated into custom labels, giving you a way to stay on top of this current trend. Some things to consider when gearing a label to look more vintage-looking is incorporating some type of slogan or saying that is more dated, using texturized materials, and utilizing black, whites, and grays into your color scheme.

Have an Idea to Stay on Top of Current Label Trends? Blue Ribbon Can Help

Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been helping businesses that sell products and use labels on their goods to stay on top of marketing trends for decades. If you have an idea of how to change up your labels in a way that keeps up with label trends, we can help you customize a label that matches the look and feel that you’re going for. Whether you need a short run or a large order of labels, we can help you come up with the printing plates for large runs or small digital printing runs that meet both your budget and your needs.

Talk with us today about your custom label vision so we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our services. And, develop a partnership with us so that we can be your go-to provider for all things label now and in the future. We’re here to support your business every step of the way!

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