Watch Out for These Mistakes in Your Food Product Labels

When creating food product labels, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You have to make sure that you include all the components required by the FDA. You have to merge a barcode, ingredients, and nutrition facts. Of course, you have to remember to include the logo and name of your product! With so many things to think about, it can be easy to make small mistakes. But, those mistakes can easily be deal breakers when it comes to selling your product. Sometimes, people may decide not to buy a product simply because of the things they see wrong with the label design. So, be sure to take note of common errors so that you can work to avoid them when making your food product labels.

Here are Some Common Label Design Errors

Some mistakes may seem bigger than others. But, your goal should be to keep away from all of them if it’s possible. Let’s take a look at some errors that come up fairly often when it comes to food product labels:

Spelling Errors: Believe it or not, misspellings happen in the world of label design. And, when they aren’t corrected, the products end up being left on the shelves. This is unfortunate for the producers. But most people would prefer to have a product without grammatical errors.

Bad Fonts:  You’ve probably heard about font choice being important when it comes to a custom label design. But, the truth is that font is more than just “important”. It’s literally part of what makes people want (or not want!) your product. If the label is hard to read or doesn’t give people the right sense about your product, people may not want it.

Image Placement: Where you place the images on your label definitely matters. Make sure it’s not cut off or placed too low or high on the label. Be intentional about where you put it.

Logo Placement: Just like images, your logo placement is important. Again, make sure the logo fits the label well. Make sure it can easily be seen. People can spot your logo and recognize the brand, even if they can’t read the label from far away.

TMI: Yes, there’s such a thing as too much information. Although there are certain things you have to include in the text of your food product labels, there are other things you might want to leave out. In some cases, you have so much to say and such little space. So, don’t overwhelm consumers with wordy labels. Say what needs to be said and let your amazing product continue speaking for itself.

Label Designing with Blue Ribbon

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we make sure your food product labels are the best they can be. So, we can help you to create one or help make sure the one you made is just right. Then, we can print your labels and get your products ready to hit the shelves. Need help with your label design and printing? Just contact us!

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