Designing Custom Chapstick Labels? Here Are Some Tips!

Lots of people use lip balms and chapsticks. They buy a tube at the local drug store or major shopping center. They apply it here and there when they feel like they need to. But, every time they use it, they’re looking for it to work. They want it to take away that annoying chapped lip feeling. Even though the products quality is the main concern, there’s something else we haven’t mentioned. Let’s rewind for just a second, shall we? Keep going, keep going, okay, and stop. Did you see that? They purchase it. People buy lip balm with a purpose in mind. But, how do we get people to buy this lip balm and not that one? What makes this chapstick better? If they both give the desired result without any problems, why would someone choose one over the other? Easy. Appearances.

Making Your Custom Chapstick Labels Stand Out

It may sound strange or silly. But, your custom chapstick labels actually do need to be made a certain way. Just like all other types of labels, appearances matter. Colors matter. Font matters. Information matters. So, when designing labels for your lip balm, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • They should be adhesive. The custom chapstick labels should stick to the tubes.
  • Use good, durable material. Lip balms get tossed around in purses and buried in pockets. They sometimes get wet, dropped, or otherwise tampered with. Make sure the labels handle the pressure! Waterproof labels might be a great option for you. Be sure to use a material that won’t allow the wording to disappear. What if someone wants to buy more of your product but can’t remember the name? If their lip balm tube is blank because of wear and tear, they may have lost a returning customer.
  • The design should incorporate colors that will catch people’s attention. Even if you use black and white or muted colors, make sure the design is one that people can easily notice and recognize.
  • Don’t use too many words! You have to include certain information on the label. You should add ingredients, producer information, and so forth. But try to avoid saying too much else on such a small label.
  • You might want to use custom chapstick labels with security seals on them. This allows people to know whether someone used or bothered with the product. If the seal is broken, consumers can know not to buy the item.

Printing Your Custom Labels With Blue Ribbon

Are you looking to print some custom chapstick labels? Well, look no further! Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we make sure your labels are printed and ready to go. We believe in quality and efficiency. Our goal is to make you happy and get your products ready for the consumers. So, if you need some labels and tags, just contact us today and allow us to be of service to you!

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