Deciding Between the Various Types of Labels

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your product, you’ve probably already thought of labeling. Product labels are a great way to pull customers to a product by using graphics, colors, and information. But, how do you know what types of labels may be good for your product’s packaging or your business marketing efforts? There are a few types of labels available, and knowing about your product packaging and what kind of label your product allows for can help you to make the most effective decision.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

This type of label is made of a durable film material that shrinks when heat is applied. This allows the material to form around a product’s packaging in a complete 360-degree radius. The result is a tightly-fitted label which is the exact shape and size of the packaging material. Shrinkwrap labels can be used in a number of settings. While they are often used for food and beverage products, they can also be useful in cosmetics, pet, and other industries as well.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

This is the most commonly used type of label in any industry. That’s because pressure sensitive labels offer a number of materials which make them versatile enough to be both durable and offer customization as far as colors and graphics. Basically, they’re stickers. So, they don’t require heat or even machinery to apply. They can simply be placed on a product’s packaging and they’re good to go. And, since you can choose between various adhesives and materials, they can be either removable or permanent. This means they can be used on products that endure a number of temperatures and environments.

Expanded Text Labels

Products which need to offer lots of information, like pharmaceuticals, often showcase what is commonly referred to as expanded text labels. These types of labels are both removable and re-appliable from a tab. Once the tab is lifted, a potential customer can identify additional information on the underside of the label. And, on underneath the label on the product’s packaging. This allows business owners to showcase more of what they want initially on their labels–their branding material. And, still, offer potential customers the information they need.

Dry Peel Labels

These types of labels are a great way to promote sales, provide discounts to buyers, and offer other marketing materials. Once dry peel labels are peeled away, they reveal information not only underneath the peeled material but on the original label as well! Dry peel labels are a type of label which offer a peel away for a specific cause. Whether it’s a buy one, get one free coupon or a unique way to provide removable instructions, they can be attention grabbers for products on the shelf.

Need Help Deciding Which Types of Labels you Need?

Still wondering which types of labels you should be using for your product’s packaging? Here at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label, we’ve been designing and developing custom product labels for business owners like you for over 30 years. So, we can help bring whatever you envision for your labels to life!

We can even send you samples of your labels before we print them off so that you’re sure of what to expect. Provide your products with the best chance to impress potential buyers and offer a label that speaks to your customer audience! To ask us about which types of labels would be best for your product, give us a call today at (954) 922-9292!

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