5 Ways to Get Custom Printed Labels to Stand Out

Of course, you don’t want to offer customers something that looks just like a competitor’s. You want your product to stand out so that potential customers see the difference in your product versus all the others. Although it may be obvious that business owners want to stand out in their own industries, it’s easier said than done. Fortunately, custom printed labels provide the opportunity to show the creativity, uniqueness, and personalization of your business directly onto your product. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label has been providing custom printed labels for over 30 years to a variety of industries. Check out our tips for providing a product that’s going to bring in new customer audiences and stand out from your competitors.

#1: Incorporate Branding Onto Custom Printed Labels

The first thing that you’ll want to consider is how you are going to offer your brand to potential customers who see your product. Do you have a logo? Logos are a great way to offer a simple noticeable symbol that represents your business. This provides a recognizable branding that you can incorporate into all business product label design. Decide upon a logo that’s simple and includes only one or two colors. The simpler the logo, the more recognizable it will be.

#2: Compile Content Your Label Must Convey

What will your label say? Compile a list of all the content your label must convey before considering design. The size and style of your label may depend on how much information you need to provide. Legally, different products are required to provide specific information. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary, animal, tobacco, and food product label information are all regulated and required by the Food and Drug Administration. Check out their website to find out specifics to information they may or may not require for display on your product. Other than legally obligated provided information, you’ll want to include content that gains the potential customer’s trust. This may include some history of your business, information on how the product was developed, and/or warnings to its use.

#3: Determine the Packaging of Your Product

Before you decide on what your custom printed labels will look like, you’ll have to know what your packaging will look like. Material, shape, and adhesive may be determined based on what type, material, and shape of packaging you would be using. There might be instances where you would want your packaging to be made of bio-based materials or the ones that can be recycled. Looking for affordable wholesale jars or similar packaging solutions that could fulfill your requirements, would be an ideal way to go about it. But, this should be done before you get a quote for your custom labels.

#4: Choose Colors for Custom Printed Labels

Don’t underestimate the power of color on your custom printed labels. Colors play a big part psychologically in a customer’s shopping decisions. Clashing colors can provide an eerie feeling, so make sure that your label design matches your packaging colors. Or, if you have chosen transparent packaging and your product shows through, make sure the colors you’ve chosen for your label match the colors of the product well. A good rule of thumb, if you can’t come up with colors for your labels, is to utilize the color scheme you’ve selected for your logo and branding. This way, the product ties together with your business branding theme and makes your product even more easily recognizable. Especially for health and wellness products branding, the color scheme plays a prominent part. Now, what is wellness branding? It is everything that represents the imagery of your business, such as, the website font, product packaging color, logo, and the overall personality of your brand.

#5: Choose a Company that is Experienced in Custom Printed Labels

If you really want your labels to stand out from the rest on the shelves, invest your label budget with a company who’s experienced and qualified in providing custom printed labels. Blue Ribbon Tag & Label has been providing quality custom labels for over 30 years. Our team of experts can help your company develop labels that you can be proud to put on your products. After all, you are proud of your product. Why not put a label on your product in which you can also be proud of? Ready to get a quote for a custom printed labels? Give us a call today to speak with one of our representatives at (954) 922-9292.

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