Matching Pantone Colors for Custom Label Design

If you’re in need of custom label design, chances are that you’ve already invested in branding efforts for your company. And, with branding comes the business’ color scheme in logo design and other marketing efforts. Colors are a great way to associate a business with an identity. So, for many businesses, colors are extremely important when it comes to custom label design. But, how do you make sure that your custom label maker is going to match your business colors to the colors used in the label printing process? That’s where Pantone color matching software comes into play. Which, if you’re wanting to utilize specific colors, is what you’ll need to be familiar with before ordering your product labels.

So, What is Pantone Color Matching?

What you may see on a computer screen or booklet may not be what you get on your labels. Materials and other variables can determine whether or not a color is printed exactly onto labels. So, there needs to be a way to determine specific colors so that they can be perfectly matched onto custom labels. To do this, Pantone color matching systems are used. It’s a software that utilizes 4 specific colors that can be utilized to come up with specific shades of color that may not be available standard. The software is built into the printing machines as they recognize it’s global use in a number of industries worldwide.

The Pantone matching system is the best method in matching specific colors for print jobs because it is utilized by graphic designers, print agencies, and many other industries all around the world. This way, this specific system can be utilized with almost any printing machine. Pantone colors made with the standard 4 color process are numbered and named. This way, they can be easily identified and matched to like colors before the print is ordered. Pantone colors are showcased by swatches. This way, they can be placed next to like print or digital files to determine the specific color which needs to be utilized in custom label design.

Choosing Pantone Colors with Swatches for Custom Label Design

Colors may look different on different materials or finishes. That’s why Pantone swatches include the showcasing of all colors on various materials and finishes. You’ll be able to view coated, uncoated, and matte materials to determine how your color will look with your choice of design for your custom product label.

Do You Have a Color That Needs to be Matched through Pantone?

If you are one of the many businesses who want to stick with a specific color on your custom label design, then you’ll need to utilize the Pantone matching system. But, if you feel as though you may need help, not to worry. Our team of designers at Blue Ribbon Tag and Label can help you match the Pantone color shade directly to your color used in branding efforts. So, that way, your labels will stay within the marketing needs of your business, and you have a perfect color match!

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