Tips for Designing the Best Custom Food Labels

When designing labels and packaging for food items and beverages, there are a few things to consider. Undoubtedly, custom label designers want their packages to easily grab the attention of consumers. Whether it’s a distinct color, specific font, or a certain logo, brands want to be seen and known. Think of well-known restaurants, food items or beverages. Most likely, you will immediately see their logos in your mind. Or maybe the first thing you think about when you think of that company is the font they use on their packaging. Maybe the color of their labels crosses your mind. That’s what you’re looking for when you’re designing a label. Here is a look at some tips that will help you with creating the best possible custom food labels.

Where Should You Start?

The first thing you will want to do is build up a product or brand identity. This is the way in which you combine all of the aspects of branding in order to show your desired image to the consumer market you’re targeting. It is important to let your brand speak for itself. You must consider exactly what makes your product different from others. Then, let your label express that to the customers.

Tips for Designing the Best Custom Food LabelsNext, as you begin to design your label, you should consider the font or typography you want to use. There are four different types from which you can choose: Sans Serif, Script, Serif, and Display. The best type for your label depends on the message you want to get across to your customers. Different fonts convey different messages and it is necessary to review the way people respond to certain typography.

Script is a cursive-like font which can give off an elegant look. Display fonts are bold, statement-making fonts which can stand out. Sans Serif fonts make brands look modern. Serif gives an old-fashioned, traditional, and established look. The best way to decide on the best font for your brand is by experimenting with them and taking a look around at the ones on offer. Taking a look at these free fonts for commercial use may help you make a final decision on the font for your label.

Along with typography, colors can promote certain responses. Red, yellow, and orange are “energy” colors. Green is a flexible color and can create different emotions. Blue represents stability and trustworthiness. White makes people think of cleanness, purity, and perfection. Brown symbolizes nature and strength. (It can be thought of as an “earthy” tone.) Black sometimes represents darkness or evil. But, in label printing, it might create a sense of elegance and beauty. Purple is said to be a royal color which symbolizes power.

Your logo is also something to consider if you want to make your brand stand out. Consumers appreciate logos that are easy to read and understand. Make sure your logo is memorable. People tend to trust logos and brands that they remember. Thus, logos are quite easily the most important part of establishing brand identity.

More Tips For Your Custom Food Labels

There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to packaging and labeling your food products. Depending on your food or beverage product, you may want to consider making sure your packaging allows people to actually see the product. Even a small clear section that enables customers to see the product without even opening it may give the item a more trustworthy appearance. Also, think about the material you want for your label. If it feels nice to the customer, they will probably buy what you’re offering.

Blue Ribbon Can Help with Your Custom Food Labels

Here at Blue Ribbon Tag & Label, we want to help ensure that your products sell themselves. With the best label printing offered here, your brand is bound to be just what consumers are looking for. We understand that you want to get your product out there and we know how to make that happen. Visit our website today to get a quote!

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